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In today’s market it is essential to hire a consultant with the experience to handle a diverse range of land development projects. Lyon Engineering has a long track record of successful designs from master planned golf course communities to small commercial developments. No matter what the scale, each development presents its own unique design challenges. We can guide you through the development process from the project infancy to its ultimate completion. Some of the Land Development Services we provide: Feasibility Study When considering a land purchase for future development we know our clients do their homework. Lyon Engineering can take you a step further by providing a feasibility study of your potential purchase. Just a few of the items we investigate are; potential drainage problems and floodplains, previously recorded easements, boundary discrepancies, the availability of water and sewer service, dry utility availability, and county and municipal improvements standards. Annexation & Zoning applications The path to having your project annexed into Town or City limits can be an arduous one, a zoning change can be just as challenging. Lyon Engineering can help you wade through the process providing the necessary maps and exhibits and if necessary, public involvement before Town or City Councils for approval of your project Land Use Planning It is a balancing act that can set your project apart from others, for better or for worse. Land use planning requires the integration of natural land features such as hills, drainage ways, and vegetation with a development plan that is environmentally conscience but also affordable to build. Our engineers take the next stop beyond the traditional planning approach. We maximize your potential for development while understanding the costs associated with excessive cuts and fills, drainage improvements, and redundant roadways Preliminary Plat A preliminary plat submittal can be a long and tedious process that can seem to delay your project indefinitely. Our experience has allowed us to learn the inner workings of many municipalities and counties in Northern Arizona. When a project comes up that falls in a City or County unfamiliar to us we take a proactive approach to learning their design guidelines. We thoroughly read through the agencies development code and meet directly with the planning and zoning department staff to discuss your project and to clarify any questions. This enables Lyon Engineering to get your project through the preliminary plat stage as quickly as possible. Residential & Commercial Our subdivision experience spans a broad range of residential and commercial projects custom designed to our clients needs. Our range covers mass graded high-density subdivisions to large-scale “estates” size lots. From airport hanger complexes to heavy industrial facilities. We combine our experience and creativity to deliver our clients vision of their project. Construction Documents Lyon Engineering has established an excellent reputation for producing civil engineering plans that are timely, detailed, and cost effective. We have received praise from general contractors for their ease of constructability, from developers for our production capabilities, and from reviewing agencies for our attention to detail and clarity. We use CAD and civil engineering software that is at the cutting edge of today’s technology. Our forward thinking approach to our plan production allows our clients to maximize their design budgets.
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